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I do believe in Santa-giggle poetry

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I do believe in Santa,

That old Fool Santa-

I did yell for as a child and 

so would I now

As Old as I am.

It was a scream when he did 

In a bellow of ho,ho ho as some 

vocal mishap got o’er his windpipe.

Of Ho-Ho-Ho’s I skip over

Now the question is 

Isn’t time he gave the old also

Some presents? In this age of coupons

Why this age distinction?

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Garden of Sorrows- secret garden

To one Emir who complained of ingratitude the teacher of incomparable wisdom said, ‘Are you in the habit of talking to trees?’ What good shall it do to me? The teacher stroking his beard said, ‘What good it does is not for you to know.’

Kindness is what light from heaven shown

So with grace take your due paid from heaven;

Trees bask in kindness of man and returns

Favor that takes no note of his lifespan.  


My love and I keep a garden where silence

Is bulbuls fold their wings among branches;

Around the hearth roses weave their secret

Through our voices mingle they their fragrance.

Sa’di 2020

Garden of Sorrows-Paris Climate Accord-Sa’di 2020

When nations gathered together for a palaver each nation found a reason why they should avoid a scorched earth. One said,”It has no place but suffer in silence; It shall taint the waters below”. Another said, ” More than their soul what I am concerned is the spirit of the dead. Do we leave it wandering round and round through the air we breathe? ”

One nation stood up and said, “Without a robust economy we shall go bust. No with death we take chances; As superpower we hold the right to do what we will,” That was in Paris. And now we are in the Age of pandemic.

Round up killed the earth but made some richer 

The Flint through water taps sent Death call sooner;

Affluenza strikes some from their misdeeds-

Virus is the cure for their distemper.


Garden of Sorrows- “crown of thorns”-Sa’di 2020

A man made millions by unfair means and older he got he felt mortality was beginning to rap rather hard each day. One day he vowed all his wealth would go to charity so he may win his reward. Yet he delayed.

Heaven help me! upon my thoughts weave crown

But my feet shuffle their way through unknown. 

Betwixt and between hell somewhere must lurk

Too bad! wealth must set its course by its own.   


Garden of Sorrows- “at cut price” Sa’di 2020

Long ago the King of Persia sent his physician to attend a venerable holy man. “His longevity in your care is your service to me, Go to,’ And the physician went to the cave where he attended his charge. Kingdoms fell to ruin and new ones came in their stead but the physician had no occasion to treat one who never fell sick. When told that his king was gone he approached his charge. He wanted to leave and the old man said he was also ready to leave. He told his physician,

This angel of light on watch from so high 

Perhaps you may yet serve him well as I?

No thanks it will be the death of my art,

It’s time my knife serve me at price sky high.  

Garden of Sorrows- “One man’s meat is…” Sa’di 2020

Mr Hamburger saw John Bull sitting on ant hill munching on kipper and said,”Nanny state can only throw kippers from catch taken many moons ago, I fix my own Big Mac.” So Mr Bull had this answer

I salt herring than plastic in the brine,

You eat livestock is meat washed in chlorine;

Same hunger but our means lead us away,

No escape, we’re stewed in our own poison.


Garden of Sorrows- “A door ajar” Sa’di 2020

Two sons of farmers through great hardship became scholars. One went into government service and steadily rose to become wealthy. Coming upon one who remained a peasant and with not a cent to his name expressed his sympathies.

Brother you did this crime to your sweet soul

Midnight oil you burned make present a hole;

Yes true,- Your fortune has closed yours from leave, 

 This hole I have left open for my soul.  



Garden of Sorrows-“Entanglement”- Sa’di 2020

Us and Them are two entities working in tandem. How Us creates a tribal mentality Them shall surely follow up. Do we not see it?We are entangled and all this cultural wars are for fools to while away their time on the earth.

These two tribes have only one point in common: wealth.

Two sons were thrown out of many schools that admitted only the scions of the cream of the society Were they sorry? Oh no they were certain their fathers had deep pockets.

Am I sorry for spending beyond means

My sire ne’er spun nor toil’d but found the means: 

If world were served now in a plate, take broh

With no qualms no twitch in yoh conscience.

Upon  told that their sons were never do-well their parents laughed and said one to other

Nothing gained nothing spent, scapegrace sons

In one stroke remove us of our penance:

 A bill of poll tax we exact from rabble 

By common consent we restore balance.    



Garden of Sorrows- “Poison Chalice”-Sa’di 2020

Book III

A Maghrabi supplicant seated on an ant-hill once said, “Lords of wealth, do not deny this one request. Only one word, wealth.” He penned these lines:

Upon your boon I vouch every loon

His  mead unstinted when the sun goes down;

And grateful thanks they owe me,-body and soul

Drink they shall but everything else I own. 

Who does this beggar meet but the lord of wealth who said that he came in haste upon his request.

I wave my hand thus and wealth of the deep

Not by trickle not by mickle,- gold in heap; 

With one hand receive,- but are you man enough?

Give with the other Grim Reaper his keep.